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Approachable and useful

Laura creates bite sized conversations with her guests that are really useful!

Great show!

I love how actionable and practical the tips are. Each episode is jammed packed with good info

Loving this show!

I'm really enjoying Laura's podcast and she has such a diverse selection of guests who know their stuff! I especially enjoyed hearing Mark Struczewski's simple suggestions...those small changes that can stick...knowing that little by little I can make the progress I'm looking for.

Exactly what I need to hear!

No matter which episode I pick, it always seems to be exactly what I needed to hear. They are short, sweet and focused so it’s great for someone with a shorter drive (or attention span) like myself, but I often listen to several in a row. Laura has such a soothing but fun voice and I just LOVE her energy and her humility. I need a road trip so I can catch up! 🙂

Love Laura and her show!

Laura has such an impressive background and she uses her expertise to bring out the best ideas from her guests!


These episodes provide great insight into practical application of the Thinking Into Results program. Fantastic! Keep it up.

Exceptional Host & Content

Laura Noel is an exceptional coach, leader, and podcast host. She is fully committed to guiding people towards their best selves using the wisdom of positive thinkers throughout the ages. I worked privately with Laura for a year and experienced the content she shares on this podcast at a deep level. For anyone looking for a mindset reboot, pick me up, or flat out punch upside the head (in a good way), Laura delivers every time. You will be better for being in her world.


Laura is like the rainbow which shows up right when I need the reminder, I am loved. This can be easy. The Universe is Magical đź’—

Just what people need!

This podcast is epic. Laura is an incredible coach and such a loving human. She drops so much knowledge and inspiration on this podcast. You must listen and tell all of your friends. If you are ready to escape the rat race and reboot, revamp and reinvent yourself this podcast and Laura’s coaching is for you!

Practical and easily applied lessons

After retiring from the military, I often find myself going through motions of either busy-ness or distraction…. Not accomplishing a lot and not really recharging, in either state. Listening to Laura in her first two episodes was helpful in reminding me to sit still for a moment and be more on purpose with my energy. I cannot wait for more!