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Sept. 9, 2021

4 Ways to Not Get Sucked Into the Vortex

4 Ways to Not Get Sucked Into the Vortex

Today I am going to talk about paradigms. What is a paradigm and how can we overcome them? I will give you the steps needed to override the ones you don’t want and show you how to create new ones.
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Today I am going to talk about paradigms. What is a paradigm and how can we overcome them? I will give you the steps needed to override the ones you don’t want and show you how to create new ones.


Check Out My Website: https://www.ratracereboot.com/

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It appears there are guards that have been commissioned by a higher authority to arrest any forward progress in a person's life beyond the person's level of belief. So why do we do what we know we shouldn't do, when we should know better, and we keep creating the same results, or there's a reason why we get caught up in this destructive loop and it starts with a part of your mind, that's called a paradigm and we're gonna learn about that today, and how you can change that, once and for all, so stick with me for the next 20



minutes and we'll see you in the episode. The following was recorded in front of a live studio audience at the studio 21 podcast cafe. This is the United Podcast Network. Welcome to rat race reboot.



I'm your host, Laura Noel, and as a certified coach and former 27 year military leader. Each week I provide bite sized mindset pivots that will help you reset your mind reawaken your spirit and regained your control. Hi everybody and welcome once again I'm excited to see you here. So, I really love that quote and I'm gonna read it again in a few seconds but you know most high achievers, when I started having conversations with them, and they're in the process of reevaluating their lives, their contribution in life, their relationships, their family dynamic how they want to serve, what is their purpose when they start looking at those things and they start looking to implement changes maybe making more time for their family, quite often, high achievers are working hard, because they're doing it for their family or for a better life. But sometimes we can get so pulled into the doing that we forget to be, to be with, to be one with ourselves to be connected with our family and our community to be connected with our purpose. And so a lot of these high achievers and I'm saying this because I know full well, we will say, I promise to do better next time, I'm going to show up for that event. I'm going to show up for the kids school play, I don't have kids, I have a dog when I show up to my doggies graduation, whatever it is for you. We say we're going to do it, I'm going to take better care of myself. That's a common one too. And then they'll start out on the journey, only to find themselves backslide again. I mean, you can see it in every organization, think about some of the people you know who are grossly out of shape. And they swear they're going to do better, they have all the tools at their disposal. They have the plan, the trader, access, and then you see them cramming junk into their piehole right so that's you know that's the paradigm, we're going to talk about that today that's their habitual way of being that takes over, even though they say they want to do better, think about the smoker who says they want to quit, and they set out on that journey and then you see him lighting up every 10 seconds, they have the tools they have all the mechanisms, they have the desire to quit but something is pulling them back and again the example of the people who say I'm going to go to my kids school play or the track meet, only to find themselves stuck at their desk and the hustle and grind, promising to do better next time. Again I'm going to read this because I think this is really powerful. All of these people know better. All of us know better, but we're not doing better. Why is that so it appears there are guards that have been commissioned by a higher authority to arrest any forward progress in a person's life beyond that person's level of belief. Belief is the key word here, we're going to be talking about beliefs, specifically our paradigm. So we have a part of our subconscious mind that houses all of our beliefs and our habitual way of being in the world, and it's in our subconscious mind and it's called a paradigm a paradigm is a multitude of habits, a multitude of beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation. So if you think about how many times you do or say something that your ancestors did or said, I can think of so many times that in the heat of the moment, something just flew out of my mouth and I said oh my cup lunch, I opened my mouth and my mother came now, where did that come from, well, it didn't come from me it became, it came from my paradigm that belief system that autopilot that just automatically kicks in and provides us with that beautiful knee jerk reaction that habitual way of being. So, I like in the paradigm, just like in Maxwell Maltz book Psycho Cybernetics to a cybernetic mechanism. So if you think about it, you have a thermostat in your house, and it governs and regulates the temperature in your home you turn the thermostat to 70 degrees it's 100 degrees outside, If you opened all the windows in your house that thermostat would work extra hard to regulate and maintain the temperature in your home. Think about it like in the autopilot on a plane, there's a cybernetic mechanism again so if you're flying from Boston to Paris, and you deviate off course and the autopilot to engage, it'll slowly bring you back on course without you even really realizing it's






that's really generally unnoticeable. Well your paradigm, just as the thermostat controls the temperature of your home, your paradigm, controls the temperature of your life. Think about it in personal kind of context, the person who goes on a diet. This is a really great, it's simple example, they go on a diet, they say I want to lose 10 pounds, and they hire a trainer, they have the nutrition program, they know exactly what to






And for a while it works, and they're losing weight and they feel great and they're showing up for themselves and working out and they just feel vivified and enlivened, right, and then maybe a few weeks later into it they start sliding back slowly but surely, and before you know what the weight that was lost is found, and they didn't even know what happened, what had happened that paradigm kicks in. It's your cybernetic mechanism, it's because you haven't changed the belief in yourself, you haven't changed your self image to align with somebody who is 10 pounds smaller somebody who's an athlete somebody who is a phenomenal parent, or friend who shows up, or that person who shows up for themselves first, instead of putting everybody else's needs before your own. You can't just change your behavior, you have to get to the root cause of your behavior, and that is your paradigm. So when you have an awareness of how your paradigm functions. You can change it and that's the exciting thing so we're going to do a little exercise today, and I'm going to show you a repeatable process where you can change your paradigm. And I want you to think about a situation where you're not showing up, like you truly desire to show up, you're not stepping into the person you know you're capable of being, Maybe it's at your work maybe you are the go to person for everyone. And, you know, you're constantly putting your projects last to help everyone else out and you're just burnt out, maybe you're putting your family laughs, and you're constantly in the grind and working and you promise to do better, maybe it's your health, maybe you want to figure out what your passion is, but every time you start on that journey to discovery, you get sucked into all these external things and you're leaving yourself, empty handed. At the end of the day, so think about a situation where you know you want something, you go for it, it's for you and you alone, not for your work. But for you, and you find yourself over a short period of time getting pulled back into those old habitual ways of being busy, so bring that to mind. Now, when you're not in your car, listening to this and when you have pen and paper. Do this exercise so you bring that to mind, and you write it down, writing causes thinking, thinking, causes emotion,






moves you into action and that action causes a reaction which is a different results. That's how you get emotionally involved and you start changing your paradigm, your paradigm. We can change it, it's like the program on a computer or on your phone, I don't have my phone here with me but if you don't upgrade the software on your phone. It will still operate but it will just be a little bit mopey and foggy, right. So what we're learning to do is take the first step to upgrade our operating system so that we can really step into who we want to be. So, write down that situation where you're not getting the results that you want. Maybe write it out in a couple of paragraphs, and then look back at it, so maybe for example, I started out on this workout workout regimen and I put myself first, first thing in the morning. I want to get up at early in the morning, meditate workout, eat a healthy diet, clear for the day and go to work, but the



alarm goes off 30



minutes earlier I hit snooze. I kind of take my time and lollygag get into my gym shoes, whatever, and then I feel guilty for not getting up and then I figured, oh, now I only have 15 minutes why bother, and then I ended up running out the door coffee and hand Egg McMuffin in the other spilling coffee, rushing to work, and then it's everyone else comes first, right, so in that scenario I want you to underline the verbs in there and those verbs could be actions. Obviously a verb is an action could be physical actions or thought processes so underlying so for example, that would be, I hit snooze, I feel guilty, I think, why bother. I run out the door late, I kind of throw away those 15 minutes that were for me, and I throw them in the trash right, so those are non productive activities, non productive habits and how you do one thing is how you do everything. And so this is not to make you judge yourself, I don't want that at all for you. It's just to create an awareness that this is how you show up for yourself in probably most situations you encounter when you're putting yourself first, or trying to put yourself first. So immediately write those things down, and then immediately right the opposite of that. So I hit snooze. So maybe the opposite of that is I give myself a command, and I follow it, or I set my alarm, and I goes off, I get up. My alarm rings I get up. It could be the other thing was I feel guilty for not showing up for myself. I give myself grace, that would be the opposite of that. I figure why bother and I throw kind of throw away that time, I make myself a priority, so you would build affirmations that are the opposite of what you're currently doing, this is how you start the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind so you can change your paradigm in one of two ways or two ways one is through an emotional impact which is usually something negative, that happens to you, and it gets you to change of belief, right there on the spot, but the other ways what we're working toward is time spaced repetition of a new idea, and new belief that you would rather be in harmony with. Okay, so you might find that you have 510, non productive thought patterns and habits that you do when you're sitting on this path, doing something nice and kind for yourself. I only want you to work on one thing at a time so pick the one thing that probably are avoided. Right. Maybe it's hitting snooze you like sleeping and you don't want to get up early for yourself.



So make that a habit, affirm to yourself every day, that when you wake up you get up I wake up I get up I put me first affirm that every, every day until it becomes a habit. So people will say it takes 21 days to create a habit, I've heard 67 days to create a habit, it takes as long as it takes. You have to have persistence. So this is how you start rebuilding and reprogramming your subconscious mind for success in the things that you want to do. So you pick that non productive activity, you write a new paradigm or belief you'd rather be in harmony, and, and then you start to override that old programming. So, like I said, it takes a lot of persistence and some extra credit so I can help you along the way. I want you to go to rat race reboot.com And there are, there's an article there that you can download you subscribe to the email and you'll get the free download it's six mindset, changing techniques to a more fulfilled life. There are some exercises there that are going to help you carve out the time for yourself to do these exercises, but also if you respond to that email that you want the article I'm going to send you an article on persistence, and why it's crucial to your success. That's going to help you really Arm yourself to do these things and be a lot more strong and a lot more confident in your ability to do it. So go to rat race reboot, calm, subscribe to download the six mindset changing techniques for a more fulfilled life. And then reply to that email that you get when you do subscribe, ask for the article and I'm going to send you an article on persistence and that's going to help you along the way. So what did we talk about today, these are mindset pivots little bite sized pieces of information that are going to help you stand in your purpose and stand and live your best life we talked about how we promise ourselves and others that we're going to get out of the rat race that we're going to do better that we're going to show up for ourselves or we're going to show up for our kids school play those track means we're going to go to those important dinners with our significant other or our friends and really make those special moments count, and yet we find ourselves stuck in the rat race, doing things missing out on life. We are working in the rat race oftentimes because we are trying to build a better life. But the irony is we're oftentimes missing out on that life, and I don't want that for you so we talked about that we talked about, we get stuck in this this loop, But there's a reason, right, we talked about those guards that hold any forward progress beyond our level of belief, our belief system is defined by our paradigms and our paradigm is that cybernetic mechanism like that thermostat controls the temperature of the room, your paradigm, sure enough, controls the temperature for your life and you cannot just change your behavior, because the results will not be permanent. You have to get to the root cause of all your behavior and your results. That's your paradigm, and you change that two ways, and emotional impact event or time spaced repetition of a new idea. All right, so I hope you really apply these principles, I want you to go to rat race reboot, calm, and download the six mindset changing techniques for a more fulfilled life. And then reply to that email that you want the article on persistence and I'll get that sent out to you, and this is going to get the momentum going so I'm so excited for what you create for yourself, I want to see your comments and let me know how it's going and if I can help you in any way with that question in the email too I am always happy to help. So we're gonna dive into an exercise that we're going to do at the end of every episode, and this is what I call, taking and connecting with inspired action. So, I want you to bring to mind that you want. Maybe it's a goal, maybe it's the scenario that you talked about, and wrote about earlier in the segment, maybe you want to see the opposite of that, how do you want it to unfold for you so bring to mind, something that you want, Whether it's confidence, better relationships, fitness, more ease and flow in the work you're doing more joy contribution, a legacy. The sky's the limit. What do you want, and we're going to do a little meditation, right now, just for three minutes, that's all it takes. So, sit with your feet firmly planted on the floor and take a deep inhale through your nose, and exhale fully and completely. Take another deep inhale, in through your nose



and out through your mouth. Now take one more deep inhale, releasing any signs of tension, and then exhale fully completely



just print out image of what you want to your mind's eye. How does it feel, achieving this goal, think of it in the present tense, you're already there. This is meant for you. And maybe you can sharpen the image in your mind's eye. Are you sharing this moment with this recognition with this joy with. Who are you surrounding yourself with



hope, hold that vision, use your will to hold that vision on the screen of your mind.



And ask yourself, How can I effectively get there with less effort. How can I be more effective and less time.



And if you don't have a clear picture of what you truly desire, ask yourself, How can I create more freedom in my life. How can I serve.



Just sit quietly for a couple of moments. And ask your higher self. Universe source energy for guidance.



Maybe have a pen and paper at the ready for any downloads of inspiration, got nowhere to go. Nothing to do. But just be



Napoleon Hill; in his book, Thinking Grow Rich talks about inspiration and how ideas from your intuition, your higher self will come to you across the screen of your mind in a flash of inspiration that might happen right now. But you just tapping in now, you're open to it you're open to receive. You might be later, while you're driving while you're brushing your teeth. But failure to act on those sources of inspiration will be the death of that idea. So I want you to take this seriously, this is going to get you out of busy mode, and into leveraging the right things at the right time, that are in harmony with what you want. So write those things down, even if they don't make 100% sense to you right now and take action. See Job says we can connect the dots, we can't connect the dots moving forward, we can only connect them moving backwards. So trust in yourself and trust in universal energy source.



Just finish up writing any ideas that come to your mind, you don't have to analyze them. Come back to your breath.



Come back everyone. I hope that was helpful for you and I want you to do this every day. It's something that is non negotiable non negotiable and it's a part of my daily habit. This is what I do, this is how I serve, and this is how I connect with people. I want you to stick around, next week with us and join us because I'm going to be talking more about meditation and visualization, and how you can be more effective in less time. Thanks for joining us. Remember, everything is created twice. Always. First, in your mind. And then in physical form. We'll see you next week.



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