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Sept. 29, 2022

Aligning Goals to Values

How you measure your success matters; work with who you are vs who you think you “should” be.
The best way to learn and know something is to teach it to someone else, so that’s what I’m doing for today’s episode. It’s about connecting goals to your v...

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How you measure your success matters; work with who you are vs who you think you “should” be.

The best way to learn and know something is to teach it to someone else, so that’s what I’m doing for today’s episode. It’s about connecting goals to your values…and your values may not be what you are thinking on a conscious level.


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how you measure your success matters, work with who you are versus who you think you should be. So the best way to learn something and know something is to teach it to someone else. So that's what I'm going to do for today's episode. It's about connecting goals to your values, and your values may not be what you're thinking on a conscious level, so stick around.


The following was recorded in front of a live studio audience at the studio 21 podcast cafe. This is the United Podcast Network.


Welcome to rat race reboot. I'm your host, Laura Noel. And as a certified coach and former 27 year military leader, each week, I provide bite sized mindset pivots that will help you reset your mind reawaken your spirit and regain your control. Hello, hello, everyone. And welcome back to another episode. I am really on fire this week. Because last week, I was at a personal development seminar for the whole week, just focusing on my mindset leveling up getting more clarity on my goals, and what are some of the blockages that are keeping me from reaching those goals? Or what do I need to bring forth within myself to advance those goals with much more ease and flow? Yes, I am a coach. Yes, I'm in school. And yes, I get coached. It's a very important part of my growth and development. And I think it's something that everyone should consider. But one of the things that I learned, it wasn't something that I learned that was different. But it was in a way that was presented that it just struck me in a different way. You know how sometimes we can hear the same thing over and over and over again, and it just doesn't sink in and we don't get it? Well, this was something that I heard with regard to values, and connecting those values to goals. And I just heard it in a fresh new way that just connected with my heart in a different way. And I wanted to share that with you. So one of the presenters at the psi seminar. So that's personal success Institute, and I'll put the address in the show notes so that you can check them out as well. But the person who was speaking was Kiala, Kanye, and he worked with Dr. John Demartini. And Dr. John Demartini, is all about the mind and the brain and the neuroscience and the values. And so what was really interesting to me is Kiala talked about values, but not in the sense of like social idealisms, like justice for all, and liberty and all that kind of stuff that, you know, we might all believe in. But he was talking about values on a deep, subconscious level that we may not even realize we're ascribing to. So in a sense, if you look around your surroundings, maybe your living space, or the place where you spend the most amount of time or your office, if you look at your predominant thoughts, or if you pay attention to when you're connecting with other people, what are the topics that you bring up all the time in conversations with other people? What are the topics you get excited about talking about? And you could talk about all day long? When you're with other people? Where do you spend your money that'll tell you what your values are See, your habitual your subconscious mind drives your habitual behavior. And so your values come from your subconscious mind and your belief systems. So it's really important to understand your values. And I'm going to put in the show notes. Also a website that Dr. John Demartini has because we did this exercise, there are 13 questions that you fill out and you can categorize your answers and you'll find themes and those answers. And that's what we did at the personal summit personal development seminar.


I came up with like seven different values that reemerged for myself. But really, what happens is the top three values, the things that we value the most based on our actions that are stemming from our subconscious and our habitual behavior. Those are the things that you're always going to make time for. Those are the things that are going to light your soul on fire. Those are the things that inspire you. So why not? If you have other goals that aren't in alignment with those highest values, you're probably not going to reach those goals or it's going to feel Very painful and laborious. Or if you do reach those goals, you and those levels, you might not stay there for very long. Because you're not in practice, you're not in alignment with your subconscious beliefs, and what you say is important to you. And so this is a way of getting in alignment. So you don't have to do this by hand like I did at the seminar and then tabulate, Dr. John Demartini, has a website where it's free, you can go on there and figure out your values and each of these 13 areas, and then it'll tabulate it for you. And I did this exercise on his website, multiple times over the years. And you can see, because they it saves your results, you can see how things change and shift over the years. So one of the things that is important to know is if your values, you know, I did an episode last week about not shitting on yourself. So when I looked at my values, I was like, Okay, that makes sense. Oh, why is that a value? That's kind of, oh, I don't like that. That's my value. What we can typically do, and what I do is sometimes I'll beat myself up, I'll fight against what I'm valuing on a subconscious level. And I'll judge myself, why why is that a value of mine, that's not good. You know, I shouldn't value that that's not important. This is important. Well, it's clearly not that important to me, because I'm not acting in alignment with that value, I'm acting in alignment with the ones that are the top three. So instead of shooting on myself, and instead of you doing that to yourself, and if you haven't listened to that episode, go back and listen to it, and then come back and listen to this is wouldn't it be better to just embrace who you are, work with who you are, that was the whole premise of this episode, work with who you are, versus who you think you should be? Wouldn't your path of least resistance resistance be better served to take in terms of, okay, these are my values, and these are my goals. And I can see that my goals are not in alignment in some way to my values. Well, you can get them in alignment with one another, first and foremost, by linking your goals to your values. And I'll show you an example of that. Or you can change your values. And that requires a paradigm shift. So you can change what you value, and bring it in alignment with what you want. And that requires you to change your paradigm and have a paradigm shift. And that's what I do. And that's how I help my clients. So if that's something that's of interest to you, then definitely go on rat race reboot.com Connect with me via email, subscribe, and let's get in a conversation so I can get you pointed in the right direction. So what really touched my heart was Kiala was talking about a class, he was doing a speaking engagement. And this woman wanted to be a top earner, like he is, you know, he's earning millions or billions. He's earning a lot of money. And he loves his work and, and she said, I'm doing all this work. And I just, it's not panning out. And he started asking her questions about her values that she discovered and through conversation, she had seven kids who she just adored. She was there for all the games, making the Halloween costumes, helping with homework, I think maybe even doing homeschooling just was raising phenomenal little human beings. And he said something to the effect of, you're measuring yourself against my values. And as a result, you're thinking you're failing. But as far as I'm concerned, you have millions. You have millions. Look at this family you created Look at these beautiful children. Look, look, I doubt none of them feel unloved? Do they feel loved? Yes. Are you at all the things? Yes. So you have your millions. The problem is, is you're measuring yourself against my values. But if I measure myself against your values, then I fail. And tears streamed down her face because she just had this realization, this aha. So in the context of that circumstance, she wanted a business and she wanted to build wealth for her family. So tying her goal, her you know her top values are real We all about family and our children. Right? And that's great. So what I would recommend and what he recommended for her is to align her goals with the things that she already values. So that would require getting into a why why do you want this business? Why do you want this business to be so successful? Why do you want this money? What is it tied to, and if you can tie it to your top values, and in her case, it was her family and her children, then you have a better chance of, of not swimming upstream, right? You're you're going with the flow, and you're aligning yourself with your value. So aligning that, why getting clear as to why you're doing it and aligning it with your values. And then the other way, like I'd mentioned is, if you don't like your values, if you have different values up top, and you're like 6789 10, or like the things that you say you want, well shift them, change your paradigm. And you know, you can change your paradigm and your belief system, your paradigm is in your subconscious mind, it's your it's a multitude of habits that are stored there that govern your habitual behavior. So a lot of the things that we do, we don't even realize we're doing those things, they're happening automatically on an unconscious level. So if you can change those paradigms as drivers of behavior, you're basically reprogramming your subconscious mind. And you could do that one of two ways. One is through time spaced repetition of a new belief that you would rather adopt with emotion. And having that accountability of a coach because your mind is designed to keep you comfortable. And when you start doing that, and changing your mind, so to speak, your whole Old habits or old paradigms will start to pull you back to home base, because that's your comfort zone, your mind is designed to keep you comfortable, right? It doesn't know that these changes you're making are positive, they're a good thing. That's things that you want you desire, it just knows that it's changed, and it's it's bad. So it's trying to pull you back to home base. That's why having that mastermind or that coach is so important, because we can help close that gap, that knowing doing gap. And we can compress time and help you get there a lot faster. So the other way of changing a paradigm is usually not a pleasant way. It's an emotional impact, something that happens that just strikes you in your core, and it gets you to change a belief right there on the spot. So those are two ways that you can change it. But to get you started, I highly recommend that you get clear on what you value. And instead of fighting it, instead of resisting what is because what you resist persists, embrace who you are, embrace what you value and work with it. There's nothing wrong with you. There should be no guilt or shame about what you're seeing in your life and what you're valuing. If you want to create a different result for yourself, then learn how to align your goals with your values, or change your values to fit with the goals that you're setting for yourself. Those are your two ways. So to get you started, I recommend that you go on to Dr. John Demartini his website and look for the values quiz, you can Google it, but I'll also put it in the show notes, and to also book a call with me so we can talk about your goals and get you clear and focused and set on the right path. So I hope this touched your heart. I hope this inspired you to think of things in a different way in a different light to try something new. And if it has, I want to hear from you go to rat race reboot.com Leave a comment or a five star review on this episode. I read them I appreciate them. If there's something that you have a question about, leave the comments there and I will read them and I will get back to you. Also, don't forget to subscribe because my book is coming out very soon. I'm super excited. Actually two of them are coming out one that I've co authored and one that I'm writing myself. I'm finished all the chapters are done. We're just getting into production and editing right now. But definitely subscribe so you get the latest and the greatest when it comes to all the goodies that come along with it and, and jumping on board and reading this awesome book, if I must say so myself, because I'm excited about it. And I hopefully you learn so much from it. But in any case, we're going to end today's episode like we always do. And that's in taking inspired action and in getting in harmony with what it is we truly desire and then taking action on the ideas that bubble up to our consciousness. When we're in that space, so wherever you are, just get really comfortable. And take a deep inhale through your nose.


And exhale. Take another deep inhale through your nose. And head, exhale fully and completely. Take one last deep inhale, hold it at the top of your breath, expanding any areas where you might be feeling tightness, or holding on.


And then exhale, letting it all go. There's nowhere to be nothing to do right now, then be here, now to bring to mind, a goal that you have something that you just want, on a deep level. And I want you to bring the end result, your desired result to an image in your mind. Maybe to bring this image to light in your mind's eye. You look down at your shoes, and you notice them. And in this image in your mind, you start to scan up your body and maybe you start to notice your legs or some clothing in the material, the texture, maybe you even reach your hand down and feel what that texture of the clothing feels like. And as you scan up your body, you see your backs of your hands. The texture of your skin, every little line, your hands. You start to move your gaze up your body, taking in your fitness, your outfit. And then you extend your gaze outward. And you start to notice the people around you when you are living and serving at your highest potential. This goal, this dream that you have you're now living it started take in what it is you're doing. And in the circumstance and situation you start to hear the sounds around you the chatter of other people. Maybe you're talking to somebody how does it feel being you? And how are people receiving you and responding? This is you. This is your dream? You living at the highest level and it feels wonderful. And ask yourself now what can I do today to be that person right now to draw that vision to me right now. And as ideas float to your consciousness, just write them down without judging these action steps are meant for you. Because while you're in harmony with your goal, and the feeling of your wish fulfilled these ideas that float to your consciousness consciousness are also in harmony with that goal and that vision. Take action. That's your job for today. And that's what inspired action is all about. So I want to thank you again for listening to rat race reboot, and wherever you listen to your podcast at go to rat race reboot.com or leave a message wherever you listen to your podcasts. Subscribe to the book. I'm super excited and we'll see you next week. Remember, everything is created twice, first in your imagination, and then in physical form. We'll see you next week.


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