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Oct. 6, 2022

Celebrate the WINS!

Celebrate the WINS!

When you only look at wins from the perspective of achieving big goals, you are self-sabotaging stepping into your fullest potential, your health and your joy.
Today we’ll talk about reframing that paradigm so you can start enjoying the richness of l...

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When you only look at wins from the perspective of achieving big goals, you are self-sabotaging stepping into your fullest potential, your health and your joy.

Today we’ll talk about reframing that paradigm so you can start enjoying the richness of life across all domains.


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You can see them doing those things and you know, that in them doing those things, you're also capable of doing those things. So instead of it being you know, jealousy or something that's negative, that you're comparing and you're not enough or they don't deserve it, or they shouldn't have that. I should have that. Imagine feeling and bolstering your self-confidence and your self-esteem such that when other people when you're grateful for them winning as well. And there's no negativity associated with that at all. So you're grateful not only for your accomplishments but for others and it feels good right? And you see the possibility. You see others winning as well. This is generating ideas, and I see this as possible. Now I see this unfolding, how exciting. Gosh, I already feel elevated in my beingness right now just saying that out loud. So try that if that's not you if that's not your strong point. Try it a different way. And lastly, I mean gratitude, Foster's resilience, think about it. The law of polarity states that there's an opposite and an opposite end to each thing. There's an up and down in and out, hot, cold, right? And you can't focus your energy on both polls at the same time. You have to choose and gratitude helps you focus your energy on that positive poll thinking and that doesn't mean you know that you're positive. Yay, my results are horrible, but I'm positive. That's not what I mean. It's you you're focusing on gosh, you know what, maybe I don't like where I am right now. But let's look at solutions. How can I be better how can I serve to a greater degree? I am resilient. And I know I'll get through this. What can I do to take one step forward? So the energy of that positive poll thinking and those questions will generate different results and that all comes from gratitude and it starts there. So there are so many ways and so many reasons why one would want to get really deliberate in a practice of gratitude. So how can you get started? So there's definitely I would make it a part of your day, schedule it as a part of your day. So if you have like I have my little journal here that I always write in my momentum journal, I was just at a workshop with Psy seminars not that long ago. And so I have that journal and I write my goal. I write my inspired action. I write my gratitude, so it's very deliberate. So I start the day with gratitude. You can also end your day with gratitude and think about even when you're in your bed, you don't have to, you know, create some, you know, complicated mechanism to do it. But while you're in bed, right before you drift off to sleep, think about three things that you're grateful for. Doesn't matter Big or small, that it doesn't exist. Just the winds. a great cup of coffee, great conversation. You took one step toward your goal, and celebrate it, right? Share it with people, share it with a friend to celebrate, celebrate those wins. Do something nice for yourself and again, it can be extravagant. It doesn't have to be it could be a wonderful cup of tea. Doing another meditation, having some quiet time, taking yourself out to lunch by yourself, whatever that is. But you can also do this in your organization and with your team. You can make gratitude and celebrate wins a part of every day. So if you have a meeting or a little huddle every day, everybody just has a quick check-in for one win. Everybody can think of one win get in the practice of thinking about wins. And don't be hard on yourself. If it's difficult. We're not conditioned to do this. This takes practice. Maybe write a thank you note to somebody who you want to show express gratitude for. Celebrate a win with your team and thank people for their contribution publicly, or maybe do something more extravagant and have an outing together. As a group and celebrate the wins. But make this a part of your daily practice. And you're going to notice a shift in what you attract back to you in your life. Be grateful for the things that you have be grateful for where you're heading in life, and be grateful for the lessons that life has taught you, and the people in your life and your life will be so much richer. As a result of that. I hope this has been helpful to you This has been life-changing for me. I want you to know if you have any comments at all about this practice and about what you're hearing and seeing on rat race reboot. I would love to hear from you go to rat race reboot.com and subscribe. And actually, I have a nice gift for you if you do. At the end of every episode for this past year. We did a three-minute inspired action meditation. So I think you've got it by now. We've practiced this for a year. But so that you can have this little meditation practice in your hip pocket whenever you need it. There's a download there. There are three meditations that will be updated periodically that you can download and you can use at the beginning of your day. Maybe prior to going into a meeting or you just really want to focus on having a wonderfully positive outcome. You can use this three minutes inspired action-guided meditation. So that's for you. So go to rat race reboot.com and subscribe. And the other thing that I'm really excited about is there have been people over the years who wanted to work with me and for whatever reason financially, just were not able to do it. I don't think finances should be a barrier to getting coaching. I think everyone can benefit from having a coach and I've said this before. I have several coaches at different stages in my projects and career and life for different areas of my business and my mindset and having a coach has somebody in my corner who can guide me and direct my energy and see my blind spots. That has been incredibly valuable, valuable to me. And it is compressed time. And that's where a great coach can help you. So I have brought on a funding source. So if you want, you can click on the link in the show notes. You can see if you qualify. and then if you do, you can just schedule a call with me and then we can talk about the next steps. so I'm really excited to offer this for my listening audience and for clients potential clients because I think it's a lifesaver. Anyway, thank you once again for joining us on today's episode. Remember, everything is created twice. First, in your mind. And then in physical form, we'll see you next week.