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July 14, 2022

Persistence: How Pursuing your Dreams Pays Off

Today I’m interviewing, Virtual Fashion Stylist, Aakruti Sheth, together we discuss how persistence in pursuing your dreams can really pay off. “ It’s not about perfection, it’s about practice”
As a Virtual Fashion Stylist, Aakruti Sheth helps entreprene...

Today I’m interviewing, Virtual Fashion Stylist, Aakruti Sheth, together we discuss how persistence in pursuing your dreams can really pay off. “ It’s not about perfection, it’s about practice”

As a Virtual Fashion Stylist, Aakruti Sheth helps entrepreneurs express their unique personality by styling their wardrobe. Choosing outfits can cause anxiety, become time consuming, or maybe you just want to mix it up with a new perspective than what YOU would normally choose. Aakruti will help you put the perfect outfit together virtually!


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Hello, I am excited for today we have a guest, Aakruti Sheth, she has been a client of mine. She's a phenomenal human being. And I want to share her story or have her share her story of persistence, creating the life of her dreams. When we met, she was working in a job. And now she is pursuing her dreams and passions and multiple businesses and I want her to share her story to inspire you. So you want to stick around following


was recorded in front of a live studio audience at the studio 21 podcast cafe. This is the United Podcast Network.


Welcome to rat race reboot. I'm your host, Laura Noel. And as a certified coach and former 27 year military leader, each week, I provide bite sized mindset pivots that will help you reset your mind reawaken your spirit and regain your control. Hello, and welcome to another episode of rat race reboot. I'm so excited to welcome a crew to the show. Welcome. Thank you, Laura. Oh, my gosh, I'm so excited that you're here. So from the intro, awkward, he and I had worked together, and I was coaching her and she's an incredible human being. And we reconnected just recently. And so I'm really excited for you to be on the show to kind of share with the audience and our listeners your journey at to inspire them. And so I want to read a little bit of your bio. And for those of you listening who might come back to the show notes, of course, this bio will be here. But a kruti is a virtual fashion stylist, and she helps entrepreneurs express their unique personality by styling their wardrobe. And she does this on line. And that's a business that she's created for herself. So a crew team, we're going to talk more about this, and I'm going to have all of your links in the show notes so that people can find you. But why don't we start out by you just sharing your journey kind of like, let's go back in time a little bit when we first met. How, where were you in your life? And your mindset, then? And where are you now? How did you get to the space?



Absolutely. So, you know, at the time where we when we met Laura, you know, I was working a, you know, a nine to five corporate job. And, you know, a few years back before then I, you know, I was speaking with, you know, one of a member of you know what other spots I went to, and I noticed a solution to a problem. And, you know, I only came up with the solution a few years later, I just kind of kept thinking about it for years. And, and then I finally you know, I constructed something I out of cardboard, I took it to a patent attorney, and I knew I had something I think I even put it together with duct tape. So, you know, it's a tool for you know, salon workers that will you know, improve, you know, the salon experience and help customize it. And, you know, I started out with market research. You know, to me, that's always an extremely important step in any business. So, you know, we always want to make sure that, you know, there's a desire, there's a need for, you know, for the solution that I'm looking for. And sometimes, you know, people don't know about a solution. So they never talk about the problem. And I what I did was I, you know, from for a customer standpoint, I I posted an online poll, and I saw that around 70% of people were interested in this idea, and they thought it was a great idea. And then, you know, what I also did was I wanted to make sure there was an interest with people who work in salons and spas, whether that be the salon owner, you know, hair stylists and whatnot. And I must have visited a couple years after that, and even cold called probably around 100 sightlines. And I dropped off surveys, I picked them up. I wanted to know, just basic information about them. And you know, if they think that this is a tool that they will need, and, you know, the responses were really great. I think there was around like over over 50 over 50 people, you know, salon workers really wanted to, you know, they say that they would purchase this or that they would use that I think that was around out of the 70 surveys that I and you know, I was very pleased I was very surprised and then you know, after that, you know, I kind of move forward with you know, adjusting the invention and you know, I hired a computer aided design for Lancer for that, you know, I had the design drawn on paper, but I needed to make that digital so that I can start printing it out on 3d printers, which I did do, and then I demoed it to a few salons, I'm still on final adjustments now. Last year, I filed a provisional patent on this invention, and I worked with a university and they came up with a murder, they helped me come up with a marketing plan. And they did such an amazing job, you know, I spoke with a couple marketing experts, financial advisors, you know, to kind of help me get on, you know, the right track. And, you know, as of right now, I'm still conducting a couple more focus groups. And, you know, I, my goal is to launch this year. So it's a, it's a very, a very exciting time. But, you know, backtracking a little bit, you know, as I was working some of these nine to five jobs, you know, I really had to, I realized by my passion for, you know, creating and the arts in general. And then, you know, with, you know, the state of everything within the last couple of years, I, I finally did quit my job. And, you know, I was looking into virtual fashion styling, and I thought it was a really, really neat concept. And,



you know, when I was a kid, I've always had a knack for fashion, you know, and, you know, I've my mom to thank for this, because she always allowed me to have my own personal style. And, you know, I've had such a strong interest, you know, ever since, and, you know, I, you know, I took a fashion course, and in high school, I would make some of my own clothes, I would wear them, you know, I have my friends and family, you know, always asking me for advice on you know, what to wear. And, you know, there was always a part of me, you know, that wanted to become a buyer. But, you know, instead of switching jobs and industries, you know, like I have throughout my career, you know, I was thinking, why don't I just start my own company instead, and, you know, everything in the world is so different now, you know, instead of going, you know, people shop online, instead of going into the stores to save time, so, and, you know, I love helping leaders and entrepreneurs, you know, express their personality, you know, by adding that like, unique element, you know, to their outfits, and, you know, my services, basically, choose outfits for you. So you can shop from the convenience of you know, your phone or your laptop. And, you know, I break that down with three simple steps, like, you know, once you you know, purchase which package, you know, that you prefer, you know, it'll prompt you to answer a few questions, so I can find the perfect outfit for you. And then you know, I go through questions about, you know, your budget style, or occasion and measurements, and, you know, there is a list of questions, but it's not time consuming to quickly check, mark them off, you know, and then I get to work and you know, I look at some of your favorite stores or stores that you have not considered yet, but fall within your budget or style. And then you know, I put all of this together on a virtual style board. So you know, you can see an image of your outfit, and you'll be able to click on each article of clothing, and, you know, make your purchase.


I love that. And I want to backtrack a little bit, because there are a few things that I wanted to touch on, because I'm so happy for you. And I'm so thrilled for you and what you're doing and the freedom that you're creating, and you sound so in alignment with who you are. And when you're in alignment with who you are. That energy just, it just extends to everyone you're dealing with and exchanging with. So, but I want to go back, you know, and just kind of touch on a few things that will help listeners understand sort of the process you went through. Because we talk about this quite a bit in rat race reboot, and it's all about getting out of the rat race, it doesn't mean that you have to leave your job, you can find freedom, wherever you are. But for some people, that is taking a step and creating something from scratch and becoming an entrepreneur, and either either track is okay. But what I love about your story is that, you know, you've been working on this, you had an idea for a solution to a problem. And, you know, I always tell people to listen to their intuition. It's guiding you in the direction where you need to go. And so you had this idea, and most of the time, people when they have an idea that's outlandish, I wouldn't How would I Do that, and they abandon the idea. But you didn't you listen to your intuition, and you allowed it to guide you, you built the thing with cardboard and duct tape. And then that was your first step. And then you were kind of doing some marketing research, let me get a sanity check on this. And then you were guided to find somebody who can create that you drew it out. And now it's your, you're about to release it, and it's going to help so many people. So I'm so excited, we're being vague on purpose, because when it's ready to be released, you'll you'll know it and he'll share the word. But, you know, this has been a journey. And we talk about, you know, one, following your intuition having a goal with a burning desire to achieve it. Because if you don't have that burning desire, when you get thrown obstacles your way, or you don't have time or your jobs taking too much of your time, it's easy to get thrown off track. So the steps to persistence is having a goal with that burning desire for its fulfillment, having a plan a path for its achievement. So you by following your intuition, you're not going to know all of the steps initially, but you allowed yourself to be guided step by step, and and then it took you to the next level. And now you're at this other stage in your life where you're creating kind of multiple streams of income and different aspects of your business in the beauty industry. So you haven't, there's different elements of the beauty industry, which you're kind of capitalizing on and, and really tapping into those creative abilities within you. So I wanted to kind of take a step back and show people that it starts with your curiosity, when you have that kind of, hey, I should do this, or why isn't there a solution to this? That's your intuition guiding you follow it, you know, so many people are looking for their purpose in their path. And this is how it starts. So thank you for sharing that, that journey with us. So we can kind of dissect it, and share it with our audience.



Yeah, of course, you know, I think like, you know, I'm, I always like to be positive, and you know, everything that I do, and, you know, you know, sometimes even when you get, you know, the feedback you're not looking for, I always use it as an opportunity to make adjustments and improvements, I never see something negative as a negative thing. So I think having that positive mindset, and I think having people who support you, and making sure you're around positive people, that's what really helps me move forward. You know, and I do love, you know, like you said, like, I did definitely followed my curiosity. And I was obsessed with this invention idea. And I couldn't just, I couldn't let go of it. And, you know, I think, you know, something that I've also learned with my journey, because I think the market research part was the most difficult is patience, you know, no one has a success overnight, I think, you know, being positive, but being realistic about your business goals, or career goals is extremely important. Because sometimes when we set too many goals for ourselves for the year, you know, and then we don't accomplish even half of it, as most of the year has already gone by, you know, we beat ourselves up for that. And, you know, we never want to, we never want to put ourselves in that position. And, you know, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement and, you know, be like, Oh, my gosh, I want to I want to just launch this already. But, you know, I really do believe in slow and steady truly does win the race, it really does. And, you know, taking taking your time and everything, especially with the surveys, I learned so much from that industry, just by passing out the surveys and, you know, Mamak Well, cold calling isn't working, I'm gonna have to go and actually go door to door, you know, and, you know, you know, that industry people work very long hours. So I was like, you know, it's not, it's sometimes it, you know, it wasn't working, when I just have them, you know, drop it off and have them fill it on the spot, because people are so busy and knows, Okay, why don't I drop the software we can when ever you have time, whoever wants to fill it out? You know, I would appreciate it, you know, and, you know, I would also offer them in an incentive as well. And, you know, they were pretty appreciative and cooperative and grateful. And, you know, and that took as long as it did, because, you know, not everybody says yes, and yes, and just because somebody says it doesn't say yes to you. That only means it's a no for right now. It doesn't mean that that's a no for the future. So I just think that really having that positive mindset is is just so important and the willingness to learn. I think that's the most important thing.


Oh, yeah, that mindset is everything and you know, A couple of things that you you touched on too is setting the goal having that goal, not 12 million goals, because we can get overwhelmed. And that's one of the things that we talked about, and I talked about in my coaching is have one or two goals that are in alignment with each other. Because when we diffuse our energy, we're not gaining momentum in any of those areas. And another thing that you touched on that I love, love, love love, is, it's not about getting the goal, like slow down, enjoy the journey, it's about who you get to become on the way toward that goal, it's about the growth that's attached to the goal, not the goal in and of itself. So I love that you are enjoying the process, and have been enjoying the process of, you know, reaching that goal, and you are a different person than you were when you first started on this journey. So I'm so thrilled for you and I am thrilled for our audience, because they're getting to hear your story, kind of as it unfolded in real time. And I really want them to see themselves in you. I see myself in you, you know, we're all connected. And this is this is a part of the growth in journey. And then the other thing that you touched on, and it's one of the key points that Napoleon Hill talks about, in his book Thinking Grow Rich, in those steps toward persistence is, you know, closing a mind off to negative influences that drain your energy. So you are keeping that positive mental attitude. But also, having a group of like minded people to support you along the way, you were not just with me, but with many people at different points along your journey for different aspects of what you were trying to do, or wherever you were in the process. And so that is so incredibly important too. Because, you know, things will happen, circumstances will happen, you'll get a no here, you might get a no there. But when you're surrounding yourself with people who are like minded, and who are guiding you along the way. It those things kind of you just take them as feedback. So you've taken them in a really well, just wonderful way, and you took it as feedback from learning and pivoting. And I love that.


Thank you, thank you so much. I think that's the most important thing, because if you're not learning Laura, then we're not growing, you know, and I think it's really important to evolve in the process as well. And you're right, I am a different person. And you're definitely not the first one to tell me that, you know, you that you can hear it in my voice. Like I've had several people over like the past couple of months, you know, told me that, and I didn't really notice that at first, I was just excited. You know, it's always nice to wake up in the morning and look forward to your day and look forward to, you know, checking off that list of, you know, things to do, you know, rather than, you know, waking up to something that you don't want to do for the rest of your life, but I think it's just so important, like, we should all, you know, dive into our passion projects, because sometimes you never know, there could be something there.



Yes. And, you know, not only do you sound different, there's a lightness, I can see your light you I mean, you were beautiful before you're beautiful now, but I can see it like you're just emanating light and energy. And, you know, you said follow that passion project, you decided to leave your job and work on these. But, you know, a couple episodes ago, Mary Sullivan was on, she loves her job. And she was able to follow her passion for her book and her art, and also make a difference within her work. So you know, our crew too, you're so right. It doesn't matter where you are. You have to make time for those passions and carve the time out for yourself to even allow yourself to dream and think because every single one of you listening, you're worth it. And when you do that, you shine and people gravitate toward you and just life is just so much more rich and satisfying. Oh, I'm so thrilled for you. Thank you so


much. And I feel like it's very it's very contagious, you know, right, like somebody's positive attitude. You know, I know, I always gravitate towards people who are doing better than I am because I always feel like I can learn from them. And you know, being around people like that inspires me even more even listening to, you know, another entrepreneur story, you know, the challenges they went through and how they overcame those challenges to truly inspire me and really helped me move forward. So even you know, sometimes, you know, we have some days that are not as great as others and you know, even just listening to somebody else's story like really pumps me up, you know, and really gets me like back in the mood. I'm like, Hey, it's okay. Today's a another day, Today's a new day, you know, let's, let's, you know, do the best we can. And it's, it's really not about perfection. It's about practice.


Yeah. You just like, Ah, that's a quote right there. That's a quote, in a post for this episode. Well, so where are you are now with your virtual styling business? You kind of described some of the steps that people go through, how do people get in touch with you? How can they start working with you?


Well, they can definitely click on the website link and the or they can also email me as well, they are more than welcome to do that. And, you know, let's get this conversation started. Let's get your outfit together.


Oh, you know, it's so important because I actually had a, a certified stylist on a couple episodes ago, Annette bond. And we work together, that's how we found each other in a networking group. And it made all the difference in the world to me. And virtually, like you can help so many people to buy, when entrepreneurs are traveling and whatnot, it made it so easy when she could put together a travel wardrobe of what I had in my closet that I forgot about, like a capsule. And it just made life so much easier if I didn't have to think about those things. And you're gonna see a person, when they describe what they're looking for, from a different perspective than they see themselves. So it's really an awesome thing. And it also shapes how you even see yourself when you allow yourself to be supported in this way. So your contact information, and I know you mentioned you want your email in there as well, you know, reach out to our crew T and definitely connect with her. It's yeah, it'll be a wonderful experience, I have no doubt. Is there anything else that you would like to share with the audience in terms of either working with you or just to help them kind of start on their journey of living their life's passions?


Absolutely, you know, I would say make a list of things that you're passionate about, and also a list of your skill set. Because sometimes when you look at those two lists, you can find a hidden talent that you didn't even know that you had, you know, sometimes I think soft skills are very underrated. And that could be something that could create a potential business idea, you know, in the future. So that's something that I did, and it has helped me a lot. So


ah, yeah, I love it. You're like hitting on all the past episodes of podcasts. We had somebody on here Janica, who was talking about soft skills, and in her line of work, and incredible Yeah, you have no idea. There's so many gifts locked up inside of each and every one of us. And it's about allowing yourself to bring those to the surface and sharing them with other people. Well, I crazy, I am so grateful that we spent this time together. I want to thank you so much for being on our show today. And I really am in deep gratitude. And I know our audience have been inspired by you.


Thank you. Thank you so much for having me, Laura. I appreciate it.


Absolutely. Well, we're going to end today's episode the way we always do. And that's in taking inspired action. And I think this is a great time for you to take some of the things that are kruti said to heart, think about some of those skills, those things that you do well that you love to do. And think about where your pure curiosity lies. So I want you to wherever you are, just take a deep inhale through your nose and X exhale. Take another deep inhale and exhale. And last inhale, take a deep inhale, opening up any areas where you feel any tension and tightness, letting those areas expand with warm healing light. And then exhale, just letting those places go. And I want you to imagine that there were no obstacles and that you were doing the things that you only love to do. Or that the things that you just light you up inside. Bring that image to your mind's eye of just you enjoying the fullness and richness of life


and maybe bring that image into focus and start to notice. What are you doing? Are you by yourself? Indulging in your creative genius? Or are you connecting with people and a team and enjoying that CO created space?


As images bubble up to your mind, and if you have anything to write with just jot those ideas down those images, they don't have to make sense right now.


Even get a sense of when you're doing these things. How does it feel being you?


Do you feel a sense of freedom? In alignment? Do you feel more connection? Or joy? How does it feel to know that you are serving and living your life's purpose? authentically being 100% yourself and sharing your gifts with the world


and just sit with that image for a moment. This is how the process of taking inspired action starts. And this is how you start to notice your intuition and your creativity guiding you. When you start doing exercises like this every day, you can start populating those lists of things that you like skill sets that you have, you start to get ideas of how could I bridge that gap. And then you start taking action. Just take one step, follow that curiosity. And you'll be surprised and just so enthused with where it leads you. So I want to thank you once again for joining us for another episode of rat race reboot. I want to let you know and I'm super excited about this. If you've been following us for a while my book rat race reboot is coming out in the next couple of months. So you'll definitely want to go to rat race reboot.com. And on the right hand side of that page, you'll see an area where you can subscribe and get more information about that book and all the freebies that come along with it. Also leave us a five star review wherever you listen to your podcasts and leave a written review. We read those and I enjoy reading those and we get feedback and then you know kind of craft our episodes moving forward based on that feedback. But until next week, remember, everything's created twice, first in your imagination, and then in physical form. We'll see you next week.


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Aakruti Sheth

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As a Virtual Fashion Stylist, Aakruti Sheth helps entrepreneurs express their unique personality by styling their wardrobe. Choosing outfits can cause anxiety, become time consuming, or maybe you just want to mix it up with a new perspective than what YOU would normally choose. Aakruti will help you put the perfect outfit together virtually!