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Oct. 28, 2021

Will Your Way to Success

Will Your Way to Success

Today I am going to teach you about WILL, how powerful it is, how will and willpower are different and how you can harness your will to make changes in your life. 
Check Out My Website: https://www.ratracereboot.com/Connect With Laura at: https://www...

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Today I am going to teach you about WILL, how powerful it is, how will and willpower are different and how you can harness your will to make changes in your life. 

Check Out My Website: https://www.ratracereboot.com/
Connect With Laura at: https://www.stretchintosuccess.com/ratracereboot/

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I can't believe it. My mentor Bob Proctor invited me to travel with him on his private jet from Toronto to Vegas and back. But then crickets nothing. Well, I'm going to show you in today's episode how I turn that stuff around using one of my mental faculties called the will so you're going to want to stick around because you can apply this in your life to



the following was recorded in front of a live studio audience at the studio 21 podcast cafe. This is the United Podcast Network.


Welcome to rat race reboot. I'm your host, Laura Noel. And as a certified coach and former 27 year military leader, each week, I provide bite sized mindset pivots that will help you reset your mind reawaken your spirit and regain your control.


Hi, everybody, and welcome to part four of our six part series on your mental faculties. Today we're talking about will, and I'm going to share with you how I used my will to manifest an awesome experience. And if I can do it, you can do it too. So let me give you a little bit of a backstory. I had attended psi seminars, which is personal success Institute, and I go there every year to kind of sharpen my saw. And every year that I'm there, Bob Proctor is one of the people who are teaching at the seminar he comes in from Toronto, and he'll work with us for a day and a half or a couple of days. And, and so one year, I decided that oh my gosh, I'm scheduled to go to the size seminar. But also at the same time, I have training with Bob Proctor with my coaching and my certifications the same week. And I just said I'm going to do both. And then I kind of released the idea. I just decided I was going to do both. Well, fast forward a few months later, and I'm working at one of Bob Proctor's events. It's called the matrix. And it's a think tank for entrepreneurs and people who have ideas to start businesses to collaborate, and network together. And so I was working this event with him. And it was before the audience came into the room. Bob was on stage just like he always does. He's, you know, he likes to kind of organically work through some of his slides and change things around. And so we'd leave him alone. We don't bother him when he's in his genius zone. But he I don't know why. But he made a beeline for me, I was standing at my table that I was kind of watching over. And he started talking about Sai seminars and we had this great conversation and we were just talking about some of the people we knew fondly that we you know, we knew collectively, and, and I said, Yeah, I'm gonna go next year, but I realize it's in direct conflict with our training, I'm gonna figure out a way to do both. And Bob said, you could fly with me. And I looked stunned, and a girlfriend of mine was actually starting to walk toward us and kind of engage in the conversation with us. But she could tell something was awesome that was happening, and that she kind of like back stepped away. And here's the funny thing she afterwards I approached her and I said, Oh my god, I decided a few months ago that I was going to do both of these events. They were at the same time the same week. I didn't know how I was going to do it. I just decided I was going to do it. And I actually had this idea in my mind. Wouldn't it be cool if I could fly with Bob because I know he goes every year, but then I released it, right? So I told her the story that Bob just invited me to fly with him from training to Vegas where the seminar was being held and then back. And then my friend said, I'm going with you. And I said okay, so I was like less than six months go by. And it's when the event is happening. And I'm starting to plan for the event. And I emailed Bob's assistant once and I said, Hi Gina. It's Laura. Oh, I'm so excited. I'm in deep gratitude that Bob offered to bring me along with him and his jet to the size seminars event. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I really wanted to be at both events are training and that event, they're both really important. And I'm in deep gratitude. What can I do to be of service? How can I help in his travels or what do you need from me? And so I'm waiting and I'm waiting, and I'm waiting, and I don't get a reply. It's, you know, a week, two weeks, nothing. And I'm starting to panic and all of these thoughts of of worry and doubt Don't really deserve to do this. I'm not the top top consultant, I'm in the top 1%. But I'm not the top 1% of the 1%. I mean, really, who am I to do this? All these worries and doubts, maybe he made a mistake, maybe he regrets inviting me, I was creating all these stories in my head. And then I got to the point where I brought my vision of what I wanted, which was going to both events flying with Bob, I decided that early on so easily with ease and flow. So I brought myself back to that event vision. And I use my will to hold that vision on the screen of my mind. And so anytime a worry or a doubt would come through, I would actually say out loud Nope. Zipit, I would reject it. And I would redirect my focus to my vision. So maybe another month goes by and I email Gina, again, hey, I'm just following up again, I'm really I'm really grateful. I would not accept the idea that it would potentially not happen. My my inclination, though, the the way that I would normally be, hey, you know, what, if this isn't gonna work out, or if he's changed his mind, it's totally okay. Just let me know, you know, I don't want to inconvenience anyone. Nope. But every time I even went down that path, no, I reject it. And I would focus on what I wanted. And I would send that email with the expectation that it was happening, it was done. So then a month goes by. And I finally get this email from Gina saying, okay, we're excited to have you travel with us. Can you send me your passport information and an X, Y, and Z, and we'll get things started on our end. All right, well, here's the crazy part of this, too, is I went to training. And remember the friend who was standing with me and learned that I was going with Bob to this event. And she said, I'm going with you, I'm going to Well, what had happened was Bob was so excited about this idea. He's never done this, before that he decided to kind of make a contest out of this at training. And he offered this opportunity to two of the top consultants to go on this trip with me. And two consultants were selected. And it wasn't my girlfriend. And and then they drew a person out of a hat as to who was going to come with us, and it was her. So there were four of us consultants who traveled from Toronto in this private jet, and which was awesome. By the way. We were so enthused, we were brainstorming and masterminding, and it was like a nine person jet, so it was relatively small, Bob would come up and and engage in the conversation and the masterminding with us, each one of us would go into the bathroom of the jet and we'd be in there for a team like 30 minutes, because we're like opening all the cabinets, it was so huge. And then going into the front of the galley and just opening all the snack drawers and eat like even if you didn't want the snacks, we were eating all of the snacks just to experience and take this in. But it was an incredible experience all the way around. And I wanted to share with you what happened so that you can replicate this for yourself. It's important, you know, I always say this, you know, everything's created twice, and you'll hear me end every episode. Because it's the truth, first in our mind and our imagination and then in physical form. So you have to imagine you have to get clear on what you want. And you can't be in resistance to it. You can't have I want this Oh, but I'm not good enough. I want this. But how's it going to happen? You can't have resistant thoughts and attract the very thing that you want. You can't you have to imagine it and get to a place where you let go and let God kind of and you're not in resistance to it. So I decided number one is that I wanted to go to both of these events. That was the first thing I said, I'm doing both. I'm going to both I don't know how I'm going to make it happen. But I'm doing both. I'll figure it out. One I made that decision to I decided Wow, wouldn't it be cool if I could fly round trip with Bob? I immediately accepted that idea. I didn't vacillate between, Oh, is it possible? Is it not possible? I didn't, I didn't, I didn't really pay any more attention to it other than the fact that wow, this would be really cool. And I'd like to have this. It's done. And I accepted the idea immediately.



I was aware of the opportunity then around me. So once I made the decision, I'm doing both of these events. And then I decided that I don't know I'm going to I'm going to go with Bob because it makes the because it makes sense. We're both coming from one event going to the other and coming back. It makes perfect sense. So I accepted Did that idea, but once I accepted that idea, I was receptive to the solutions. So when Bob, if I had not been receptive, let's play this back, when Bob made a beeline for me at his matrix event and was just engaging in conversation, I never would have thought to have brought up Oh, yeah, you know, I'm gonna go to that event to next year are you going, I'd love to do both, I'm just figuring out the logistics, I never would have said that out loud, I just would have taken the conversation at face value and then gone about my day, that would have been a missed opportunity. But because I was decisive, I didn't care about how I was going to make it happen. I just knew that I would. And I didn't have any resistant thought to how I was going to, you know, get there on the private jet. I was open to an opportunity when it presented itself to eloquently engage in conversation and open up the conversation such that the offer was made. And it just it just happened. I wasn't calculating it. It just happened naturally. And and then when doubt crept in, when circumstances were showing me, this is not, this is not looking good. It's not going to happen. He's regretting it, gene is not getting back to me, they forgot that they offered like all the stories that I was creating, when those doubts crept in, I said, I reject it, I reject it. No, this is happening. I deserve it. I manifested this, there's a reason why this played out the way it did. And I am open to receiving. That's how I would change my thought pattern. And then I would imagine being on the jet and just having a great time. And it's so funny. I remember thinking, gosh, when I'm on the jet, and it's just he and I have a jet like, I don't want to bother him. Like, what I bother him, should I talk to him Should I give him a space. But that resolved itself too, because the solution came forth with that with some of my colleagues coming with me. So the the solution actually was even far better than what I could have even imagined. We just have to give ourselves permission to imagine and reject anything that's not in harmony with that. And that's what I did. So in other words, I use my will, to hold the image on the screen of my mind, to the exclusion of everything else to the exclusion of what I thought was reality. I created my reality, you know, circumstances we create them, we create them in our mind first. And that's what I did. And you can replicate that as well in your own life. Yeah, isn't that cool? So let's do that right now. As we end every episode, I want to get you connected with your beautiful vision, so that you can be aware of the circumstances that are already right in front of your face, you just maybe haven't noticed them. So we're going to do what I call, take inspired action, we're going to get connected with the vision of what you want to be do or have. And and then whatever downloads of inspiration come to you any ideas, any thoughts of who you might engage with or talk to just let those bubble up to the surface? And then you take inspired action by following up on those those avenues or being aware of what you might need to manifest that dream or that goal so that when you're standing in line and 711 getting your I don't know what do you get a big coffee or a Slurpee or something when you're in line getting your Slurpee and somebody said something, and it's what you need to manifest your goal that you have the wherewithal to actually act on it. That's why we take inspired action. That's why you take and should be taking time every day to get engaged with your vision. This is literally three minutes, you could do that. So take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale slowly and completely through your mouth. Take another deep inhale, releasing any signs of tension as you exhale fully and completely. Take one more deep inhale, hold it and exhale. Feeling the groundedness of the awesomeness of who you are. And the knowingness that what you can imagine and see in your mind, you can make manifest


So create an image in your mind of something that you want to be do or have. And start to notice and sharpen this image through your five senses. So what are some of the sounds that you're hearing in this vision? of your goal of your desire? What are some of the things that you're seeing or the people that you're seeing around you? How does it feel, being you, in this moment, experiencing this joy, or this accomplishment? Feel it fully and completely. And then ask yourself, How can I serve today? What can I do today? How can I be today that will draw to me the things I need to manifest this goal.



Welcome back. So you want to make the habit of doing this every day, whether it's with us, or by yourself, and then write those ideas or inspirations and just be aware of throughout the day, be present, keep checking in with yourself, because you'll know when you're offered an opportunity, whether or not, it's in harmony with what you desire. But the goal is to keep that image that you created in your mind of your goal or your wish fulfilled on the screen of your mind, using your will that's different than willpower. willpower is something that has a shelf life, when you're forcing yourself to do something, but you're not really emotionally engaged in it, willpower will wear off, but you want to use your will in the right way to hold that image on the screen of your mind and bring yourself to be emotionally involved in the feeling of your wish fulfilled. Remember, like energy attracts like energy. And that's how you start to attract the people, the resources, the opportunities that are in direct alignment with that which you want to create. So I hope you got a lot out of today's episode, I want you to go on to rat race reboot.com and subscribe to our weekly newsletter, just so you know when I'm having free events and workshops when our next podcast is dropping, and to download those six mindset changing techniques for a more fulfilled life. And also, leave us a review and follow us on whatever channel you listen to your podcast on. When you do that it helps the algorithms and it helps distribute this podcast to help more people far and wide. So I'm excited you joined us this week. I'm looking forward to seeing you next week where we talk about another one of your mental faculties, your memory, and how to leverage that for future desired results. Remember, everything is created twice, first in your mind, and then in physical form. Have a great week.


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